The Save the Cat!® app for iPhone and iPad

Carry your screenplay ideas with you wherever you go.

It’s a single app that adapts to your iPad or iPhone. You’ll be ready whenever inspiration strikes.

Even if you don't own the desktop version of Save the Cat!®, you can still use this amazing tool, touted as the "secret weapon" of the working writer, to help build better, more powerful stories, with greater resonance and emotional impact.

Whenever your creative juices start flowing you'll have this revolutionary app, which is based on Blake Snyder's best-selling books and software, at your fingertips. You'll delight in the ability to structure your screenplay, teleplay, stageplay or novel the Save the Cat!® way.

What you can do with the Save the Cat! app for iphone and ipad

  • Develop a powerful Logline and Title 
  • Choose one of the 10 unique Save the Cat!® Genres 
  • Complete a Blake Snyder Beat Sheet (BS2) 
  • Use “the Board” to create cards for each scene and arrange them in the perfect order 
  • Create Emotional Changes for each and every scene 
  • Create Set-ups and Payoffs as your protagonist progresses through the story 
  • Transfer your files to the desktop version of Save the Cat!® Story Structure Software (*Requires Save the Cat!® for the Desktop Version 3. Transfer to Version 2 is no longer available.) 
  • If you don’t have the desktop version, you can still share your project file, export the script to Final Draft or share your story elements in a pdf report.


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