Save the Cat!® Crash Course

Master Cat Cory Milles explains the key elements of each story beat of the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet as he breaks down the 15 beats of 3 moviesBlack Panther, Coco, and Lady Bird—in 15 informative videos, one per beat.

In each video, you’ll see how the writers structured their very different stories in a very similar fashion.

Here is the first video:

Also included in our Crash Course is a downloadable PDF of the Save the Cat!® Essential Vocabulary, including definitions of each beat and such terms as Six Things That Need Fixing, Stasis = Death, Promise of the Premise, Moment of Clarity, and many more.

There’s a lot to learn in our Crash Course, which we hope will make it easier for you to create stories that resonate.

The videos are:

Beat 1 – Opening Image            2:21

Beat 2 – Theme Stated              2:31

Beat 3 – Set-Up                            4:03

Beat 4 – Catalyst                       1:50

Beat 5 – Debate                           3:00

Beat 6 – Break into Two             1:43

Beat 7 – B Story                           2:02

Beat 8 – Fun and Games            4:06

Beat 9 – Midpoint                       3:02

Beat 10 – Bad Guys Close In      5:12

Beat 11 – All Is Lost                   2:01

Beat 12 – Dark Night of the Soul 2:14

Beat 13- Break into Three         1:43

Beat 14 – Finale                        4:54

Beat 15 – Final Image                2:09

Total Length:                              42:51

When you purchase the videos, you will be given a link so that you can stream any video any time you want.

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