Save the Cat!® Story Structure Software 3.0 - CD-Rom

$ 99.95

Structure your screenplay the Save the Cat!® way and create stories that resonate!

This software will help you:

Develop a powerful Logline and Title.

Choose one of 10 Genres, each with recognizable traits that will help you write something that is “the same, only different”: Monster in the House, Golden Fleece, Out of the Bottle, Dude with a Problem, Rites of Passage, Buddy Love, Whydunit, The Fool Triumphant, Institutionalized, and Superhero

Fill in a Blake Snyder Beat Sheet with the 15 key beats for every screenplay: Opening Image, Theme Stated, Set-up, Catalyst, Debate, Break into Two, B Story, Fun and Games, Midpoint, Bad Guys Close In, All Is Lost, Dark Night of the Soul, Break into Three, Finale, and Final Image

Use The Board, the fabled device seen in executive offices all over Hollywood, which allows you to "see" your movie when you create moveable, numbered, color-coded scene cards before you begin writing. The Board is broken down into four rows, 10 cards per row for a total of 40 (though you can add more) — a good average count for the number of beats in the average movie.


New User InterfaceEverything’s in one window: Title and Logline, the Beat Sheet, the Board, the Litter Box, and a new Notes Corkboard. Size, expand, or hide sections as you want to. Choose between 4 font sizes.

The Beats and Beat Cards

Each scene card contains these fields:
Slugline (for example, EXT. MAIN STREET)
Emotional Change
Character List
Color Coding
Time Period
Link to Location
Attachments pertaining to scene

The scene cards are automatically created for the 15 beats and remain linked to the beat, so if you change the description for the beat, the description in the card changes—and vice versa. Plus, you can use these additional, optional beat cards on the Board from Save the Cat!® Strikes Back: 3 Set-Up Cards – one each for “At Home,” “At Work,” and “At Play”; Debate – “Home” and “Work”; Fun and Games – 4 cards, alternating between B Story and Fun and Games; “Internal” and “External” cards for Bad Guys Close In; 5 Finale cards for the elements of Blake’s Five-Point Finale: “Gathering the Team,””Executing the Plan,” “The High Tower Surprise,” “Dig Deep Down,” and “The Execution of the New Plan.”

Color Coding – To identify the major beat cards, a character arc, a theme that carries through certain scenes, or anything you want to keep track of. You can add as many different color codes as you want and link up to six per card.  

The Board – Change the size both horizontally and vertically. Scroll both horizontally and vertically. Pin cards anywhere.

File Formats STC! 3.0 files are fully compatible between Windows, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. No need to export and import—just copy the file.

New Corkboard Notes Section – Attach nearly any kind of file: photos, PDFs, sound files, video files, spreadsheets—you can even highlight text and images in a Web page and drag and drop them here.

Characters – Add a list of characters with gender, age, description, and more. Link attachments to characters. Drag and drop characters onto scene cards.

Locations – Add a list of locations. Link attachments, like photos or maps. Drag and drop a location onto a scene card.

Scene Cards – List View: View your cards chronologically; filter the list by color code or by character and/or location.

Page Count Now up to 1,000 pages, so whether you're writing a short film or a long novel, the beats will appear in proportion.

Script FormattingImproved interface for typing the script for each scene (exportable to Final Draft -- including FD10 -- to polish it up)

Automatic Update Notification – Whenever there’s a new version.

Chapter 3 (“The Transformation Machine”) and The Greenlight Checklist with 50 checkable items  from Blake’s third book, Save the Cat!® Strikes Back

Beats and the Board from How to Train Your Dragon, Updated Tutorial, New Movie Examples for Genres and Beats, Added Tips & Tactics


Read about the extensive upgrades and all you can now do to create stories that resonate with STC! 3.0:

Download 35-page User Guide for Windows.

Download 37-page User Guide for Mac.



Windows ®

Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP w/ Service Pack 2


50 MB of available hard drive

CD-ROM drive


Mac OS Version 10.6.0 or higher

512 MB RAM

50 MB of available hard drive CD-ROM drive